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Pickleball Flex Leagues: Intro fee of $20, and $5 discount for LWR Pickle Members

Doubles players must find a partner to sign up with as the league will not be matching up players, and players can enter their partners name in the "notes" section and the other partner can do the same when they register.

All players will go into a holding tank until the time comes for breaking up the league into level appropriate groupings.

If there are not enough players or teams to have a level based group, the league will ask the players if they want to play for fun with the 2-3 teams for free and try to get more players for the following season.

Please email all questions to

Picklecap ratings scale (a 20 would a professional male pickleball player-best in the world)

Trying to understand your rating in pickleball for Picklecap?  Basically, the top players in the world would have a 20 ratings and a complete beginner would have a 80

TENCAP conversion for Men: 2.0-65, 2.5-58, 3.0-51, 3.5-44, 4.0-37, 4.5-30, 5.0-23, highest player would be a 20

TENCAP conversion for Ladies: 2.0-70, 2.5-64, 3.0-59, 3.5-53, 4.0-46, 4.5-39, 5.0-32

Current and Upcoming Events
Pickleball Doubles Flex Season 5 - Aug 29 - Oct 16 8/29/2021 10/16/2021
Past Events
Other Events (Non-Series)
Event Name Event Began Event Ended
SRQ Pickle Flex Season 4 - June 20-Aug 14 6/20/2021 8/28/2021
LWN winter weekend league past results 1/17/2021 3/21/2021
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